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 Vacu Walk Sport M.E.D.  

Vacu Walk Sport M.E.D.
Medical Wellness- u.
therapeutische Einsatzgebiete



  • Gewichtsreduktion, Fettverbrennung in der Muskelzelle

  • Sportmedizin (Bänder, Knochen, Muskulatur)

  • Stoffwechselaufbau, Stoffwechselverbesserung

  • Diabetes (u. diabet. Fuß)

  • Cellulite

  • Durchblutungsprobleme

  • Krampfadern, Besenreisser

  • Gelenkschmerzen

  • Entstauung bei geschwollenen Fußgelenken

  • Menstruationsprobleme, Potenzprobleme, Beckenboden

  • Allgem. Schmerzlinderung u. Schmerzbehandlung, Migräne




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Vacu Walk Sport M.E.D. Medical Spa Treatment and Therapeutic Areas of Application

• Weight reduction and fat oxidation in muscle cells

• Sports medicine (ligaments, bones and muscles)

• Metabolic development and improvement

• Diabetes (and diabetic foot)

• Cellulite

• Blood circulation problems

• Varicose veins and spider veins

• Joint pains

• Lymphatic drainage for swollen ankles

• Menstruation problems, potency problems and pelvic floors

• General pain relief and treatment and migraine treatment

• Helps you to take gradual steps towards your dream figure

• Improves your metabolism and blood circulation in your legs

>> The vacuum (negative pressure) causes the blood vessels, even the smallest capillaries, to dilate and be filled with plasma.


The Metabolism Bomb" Vacu Walk Sport M.E.D. The Ideal Way to Get Rid of Your Fat

Look forward to improved health and becoming even more attractive!




• Joint pain

• Arthrosis / Arthritis

• Back pain

• Spinal disc problems

• Inflammation

• Shoulder and neck pain

• Headaches, meterosensitivity and migraines

• Heel spur

• Injuries resulting from accidents

• Bone fractures

• Sprains

• Circulatory disorders

• Neuropathies

• Tennis and golf elbow



The Use of Magnetic Field Therapy Achieves the Following Objectives…

• Vascular expansion

• Purification

• An increase in blood circulation

• An increased opportunity to bind oxygen in blood

• Increased oxygen transport

• More oxygen in the blood (2-10 times more per treatment)

• An improved supply of oxygen to the individual cells

• Improved nutrient uptake

• The magnetic fields support ion exchange

• Improved cell metabolism

• Improved biosynthesis

• An increase in the cells‘ energy metabolism


Oxygen - The Catalyst for Burning Fat

Oxygen naturally supports the Vacu Vacu Walk treatment, further increases fat burning by approx. 20-25% and additionally strengthens the immune system, meaning that the patient will simply feel more healthy, active and powerful. Oxygen helps the body to burn the three nutritional components of carbohydrates, fat and protein to form carbon dioxide and water. This provides the body with the energy that it needs to keep up its metabolism. The metabolic waste products stored in the cells are removed, thus supporting stronger blood circulation.


Topic: Veins – Inflammations and Venous Prevention

When the veins dilate and the valves no longer close properly, this disturbs the removal of the blood. This results in circulatory disturbances in the legs, which regularly swell up.

It may also lead to the inflammation of surface veins (thrombophlebitis) or the formation of blood clots (thrombosis). Varicose veins are promoted by weak connective tissues.

Lacks of movement such as activities carried out in a standing or seated position are further causes.


The Benefits of Vacu Vacu Walk

• The vacuum leads to improved blood circulation in the legs and stronger and firmer connective tissue in combination with magnetic field and oxygen therapy

• The blood vessels dilate, which gives the blood better flow properties and increases blood circulation

• Oxygen transport increases

• Spider veins fade over time

• Varicose veins regress to some extent

• No vacuum if thrombosis is suspected - regular exercise on the treadmill, magnetic field therapy and oxygen therapy is a sensible and important treatment


Vacu Vacu Walk A Vacuum Exercise System from an Athlete‘s Point of View

Improved blood circulation from the stomach area right down to the little toe combined with light exercise in the form of a light walk led to the successful healing of various injuries, generally within a period of 1-2 weeks. This included the healing of ruptured muscle fibres, strained ligaments and pulled tendons, quicker de-swelling following torn ligaments in joint regions and more rapid regeneration after haematomas. We were also able to determine that after undergoing approx. 4-6 Vacu Vacu Walk treatments in the days following a triathlon or an indoor football tournament, athletes felt significantly fitter and more regenerated than after using conventional methods. We generally also experienced that individuals with arthrosis in their ankle, knee and hip joints felt less pain or even no pain at all after 4-5 treatments in the case of stress and strain in joint regions, for example when standing up from a crouched positions or standing for long periods of time.


Look forward to improved health and becoming even more attractive!



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